Deda Newton

$70.00 $140.00

We got a SUPER deal on these bars, which are being sold for less than wholesale!!!  The Anatomic bars have a anatomic drop, where the traditional (shallow & deep) have the old school traditional drop.  Some of the bars have the older blue logo, while some have the newer red version, but this is purely cosmetic.  These bars have a proprietary 31.7mm clamping surface, being compatible with the standard over-sized 31.8mm even though Deda officially says no...

Like most Italian bars, these are measured outside to outside.  If you normally ride a 42cm center to center, it is best to order a Deda 43cm or 44cm bar.

Anatomic:  Reach is 86mm and the drop is 142mm

Traditional Shallow:  Reach is 80mm and the drop is 135mm

Traditional Deep:  Reach is 95mm and the drop is 145mm

Weight is 209 grams.

We got a special deal on these, along with other great parts, passing on the great savings to you :)

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