Groupos/Build Kits

American Cyclery builds more build to suit, semi-custom and custom bikes than you could imagine...  We work with just about anything and everything, having decades of experience spec'ing/building bikes up from the frame to completion.  There are many variables beyond just component selection, as we can walk you thru the process.  Our philosophy is to break a build into 4 major segments:  1) Frame/Fork  2) Groupo/Build Kit  3)  Support Kit  4) Wheelset

The Groupo/Build Kit includes:

1)  Crankset 

2)  Bottom Bracket

3)  Cassette

4)  Chain

5)  Rear Derailleur

6)  Front Derailleur

7)  Brakeset

8)  Shifters/Brake levers

Electronic build kits include all electronics, including the battery and charger too

We utilize a custom build sheet to go over every component, usually taking 45 minutes to spec a bike out.  This process is best being done in person, but we are able to do this via email or over the phone as well when you purchase a complete bike from us.  Let us know if you have any questions at


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