Soma Grand Randonneur Frame + Fork

$450.00 $499.00

The Soma Grand Randonneur is a 650b frame with a matching 1" threaded lugged fork.

The Grand Randonneur is a true low-trail geometry randonneuring frame set: it rides better with a front load than other touring and road bikes. Co-designed with Mike Kone of Rene Herse/Boulder Bicycles, it will carry all the gadgets a good rando bike should have. The traditional-diameter butted steel tubes lend a smooth, comfortable ride.

  • Tange Prestige CrMo frame tubes, non-oversized
  • Threaded 1" lugged fork with low rider pannier bosses, mini rack eyelets, and double eyelets
  • Rear rack and fender eyelets
  • Pump peg
  • 3 sets of water bottlebosses
  • Max. tire fit: 650b x 42mm slick tires w/fenders

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