AC Staff Mission

We are very proud of our staff— all who come from a wide range of cycling disciplines— establishing American Cyclery as not just another bike shop, but as a good friend and valuable resource in the Bay area and beyond. Our staff of racers, commuters, mechanics and cycling historians strive to give you honest practical advice. We are a family who’s motto is “keep it real.”

Our staff is as diverse as the San Francisco Bay Area bicycling community. In understanding this diversity, we believe in tailoring to a client’s needs and individual fit. It is at the core of our customer service philosophy. Every rider approaches the market with different needs, from the casual, family comfort rider to the “uber geek” where price is no object. Each individual is matched with optimal bicycle and gear. We offer 3 levels of fit for bicycles:

  1. Production Fit. For riders budgeting less than $1300 for a bike, we assess rider’s needs, comfort, riding goals, and assist in focusing the selection between Road, Flat Bar Road, Comfort, Hard Tail or Full Suspension MTB. We take into consideration – riding style, flexibility, price range, and the uniqueness of every person’s body dimensions. This is followed by short test rides to gain feedback in order to assess the balance of comfort and efficiency.
  2. Build to Suit. For riders willing to push the $1300+ envelope, we offer Production framesets customized for the specific needs of the client and built by our shop. We cannot specify angles, tube set, or exact tube lengths, but this offering allows for a much more tailored fit than any major brand can deliver with an “out of the box” model.
  3. Full Custom. For those who can treat themselves to a bike valued at $2000+, this is an opportunity to achieve the ultimate level of fit, and we take pride in our ability to accomplish this. Here, clients are carefully interviewed about their cycling needs and goals. Another appointment is made to have one of our expert fitters measure and size each rider. We then discuss the specifics of your frameset, target a price range, and assist in making the choices for aesthetic finishes on your custom bike. These gems generally take longer periods of time to create and requires diligence. Custom US made bikes are artisan level products and are not for riders with a tight deadline. It may take a little patience to “ride out” the customization process and its attention to details, but trust us, the riding results are amazing.

American Cyclery has “everything bike” you will ever need— from stock to “build to suit” to pure custom to hard-to-find parts, our staff is passionately dedicated to offering the finest quality bicycles and cycling products.