IRD Power Ratchet Friction Thumb Shifters Silver


Yes, thumb shifters are still being produced and these are the best!  They use a "Power Ratchet" mechanism that micro-indexes the shift, similar to old SunTour or Simplex offering, but are adapted for flat bars.  This type of mechanism is in-between "indexed" (1 ratchet=1 gear change) and "friction" (infinitely adjustable between each shift).  Some claim that these even work better than the SunTour versions that haven't been made in over 20 years.  These shifters are also available in a Downtube or Bar-end (Bar-con) version.

  • Works up to 10 speed (10 in the cassette) for derailleurs using a 2:1 ratio (No SRAM 1:1)
  • Clamp diameter is 23.8mm with a 22.2mm reducer shim included
  • CNC'd aluminum perch with hinged clamp

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